Decorating Finding that Appropriate Style for Your House

The most successfully decorated interiors are the ones which express the occupants’ personality, interests, and outlook about life. You need to find a style to call your own. You need a style that you are comfortable with, and which reflects your lifestyle. Some people are born with an inherent sense of knowing what they like, have excellent taste, the ability to choose and blend elements, to create design that reflects their style.

Decorating in Style
The following are some guidelines to find your decorating style:

1) Where do you live?
Do you live in the city or suburbs? Do you live in a town or village? It is important to flow with the style of the place where you live, keeping the initial theme consistent. You may want to continue the same style in your interior.

2) Is the home dark, excessively sunny, light and airy?
If the home is dark, then use light colors, furniture, mirrors, etc. If the home is excessively sunny, take care of the extra sunlight when planning ideas for decorating your house.

3) How would you like to furnish your house?
Look at the existing furniture to see what you have selected in the past. What do you choose to take while decorating your home? Work with these items in color and style.

4) Coloring your home.
What are your favorite colors, and which of these favorite colors would you like to live with for a long period of time?

5) Assorted styles are always a very good way to decorate a home.
You may want to invest in artwork. Use the artwork as the focal point. Use the colors of the artwork to decorate the room around. Look through books and magazines. See what you consistently seem to prefer. Decide what you like about certain elements and ideas over others.

6) Study your surroundings.
By studying your surroundings you will gain insight into using the style in your home. Also touring model homes and seeing rooms decorated will benefit you a lot. Snap pictures of ideas you see that you particularly admire. Visiting your friend’s and neighbors’ homes will give you a range of design ideas. Tour decorating shops and studios that reflect your decorating selections and preferences.

7) Style according to your personality and status.
Do you entertain a lot, and desire elaborate treatments to show your status in life? Is the home primarily a backdrop for entertainment? Your lifestyle will heavily reflect upon your designing style.

8) Be sure to think about your animals while designing your home.

9) Your lifestyle.
Are you home often? Do you put the home to full use or do you just come home to sleep, bathe, and change clothes? Are you seeking a comfortable, cozy feeling, or want an extremely clean atmosphere desired?

10) Interior selection.
Try to decide how you really want your interiors to look. You and your family are the ones who must live everyday with the interior selections. You should have what you really want. If what you desire is not affordable, do the decorating in stages.

11) Ultimate analysis.
When you decide which design direction you are going to go for, assemble all the fabric samples, flooring samples, and wallpaper samples. Look at all the samples together in the home. Live with the combination for a few days to see if you and your family are happy with the selected design. Try to match all the things together and try to relate it with your personality, lifestyle, taste and choices. And just like that, you have the best design for your home.

Choosing the Right Indoor Wall Fountain

Indoor wall fountains are an excellent way to get nature right next to you in your house or in your office. Keeping conventional art pieces is a good way to decorate any space, but one tends to forget about its existence in a couple of months. However, with a fountain close to you, you will always be greeted by its gentle noise and beauty that is bound to make you feel good deep inside.

Making the Choice

I guess the easiest decision that you have to make is whether you want one. The difficult part begins after you have decided that you do need one, as you will have to choose and pick a fountain from a wide range available.

Before you go to store and get very confused, it would be wise if you envision as to what you want. One of the first things that you should decide are the placement of the fountains. You could decide if you want to place it in a corner or along the hallway, in your favorite room, where you gather and enjoy an evening with friends and family, or your study where you need to work and be at peace mentally. You could even decide a place for the fountain depending on Feng Shui or Ch’i if you believe in these sciences that advice as to how to fill your house and life with positive energy. See! The list is endless and if you decide to go to the store before making up your mind, you sure are going to end up a really long time at the store trying to decide.

The advantage with indoor wall fountains is that they can be used in almost all places. They often come with a contemporary look and are made using metal, slate, or stones, and have a great impact on increasing the aesthetic look of the room, in which they are placed. Depending on how big a wall fountain you require, you can choose between a one, two, or three paneled fountain. Further, they are also available in both horizontal and vertical styles. A vertical one would be ideal for a room with high cathedral like walls, while a horizontal one would be apt for a long hallway with low ceiling. However, if your requirements are much smaller, then you can also buy smaller fountains that will be perfect for entryways and small offices. It is very important that you choose a rightly shaped and sized one or the entire set up will look very awkward. You can take advice from the professionals who work for the stores and they will be able to guide you.

Once you have decided on the size and the type that you require, you will next have to think about the highlight. No doubt, the fountain will make an impact on its own, but if you do try to change the décor around it a little, the transformations that you will find at the end of the day in the room will be phenomenal. Alternatively, you can decide on choosing one with halogen lighting that will help accent the flow of water, thereby increasing its beauty enormously.


Maintenance is the easiest step, as minimum attention is required. You have to ensure that water is refilled periodically and the fountain is wiped clean once every few days. It needs to be cleaned to remove traces of any algae growth or mineral deposit, once in two months.

Some of the other things that you should ensure is that you should never turn on the fountain without water in the basin, as this heats up the pump and can lead to damage. You can place rocks at the bottom of the fountain, as it will reduce the sound of the water and the amount of water that is splashed. Usage of distilled water will prevent accumulation of mineral deposits.

Creating a Reading Room

If you’ve ever sat and wondered what to do with an empty room, you’ve probably at least thought about turning it into a reading room. Maybe your kids moved out, but you are not quite ready to downsize, or maybe you’re just looking to redesign a room for something new. Either way, a reading room is a great way to use an extra room in your home, and can end up being a true sanctuary for you in which you can enjoy a good book, or even a radio program, in comfort.

Reading Room Vs. Office

A reading room is different from an office, in that it should be set up as a room for recreation only. Offices are used for work, and often include a desk or other workspace. Reading rooms, however, should be places where you can separate yourself from work. Of course, you can add a desk to your reading room if you wish, but if you are looking for a place to relax without the pressure to get work done, you should consider not including office essentials – like a desk – in the space. Offices are generally designed for functionality, while reading rooms should be designed for comfort and relaxation.

What to Include

Since reading rooms are mostly for relaxation, start by choosing a good paint color. Avoid harsh or bright colors, and instead choose something that is relaxing and soothing. Then, surround yourself with things that make you comfortable. A comfy chair or two are great additions to reading rooms. You may also want to put all of your bookshelves into the room so you can easily find the book you want to read. Scented candles are also a great addition to a reading room, as they can create a warm and calming atmosphere. Pillows and curtains can also add a nice touch and make the room more comfortable and friendly.

What Not to Include

Because you want a quiet space where you do not have to worry about distractions, it is best if you keep your computer elsewhere. Otherwise, you may find yourself drawn to the computer to check your social networking sites or email. Similarly, you want to keep televisions out of your reading room. The goal is to create a space in which you can relax and separate yourself from the distractions of the day. Having a television in the room just provides another distraction. Radios, however, are acceptable additions to reading rooms, since many people enjoy music while they are reading their books. You also may not want to include more than a few seating options, since this is to be your solace, not your family’s recreation room. Also, avoid making this a multipurpose room. You do not want to include a bed to make it a guest room area as well. This will take away from your relaxation.

The Best Designs

Reading rooms can come in all sorts of designs, and a quick internet image search will show you all sorts of different options. There are even entire blogs and websites devoted to pictures of great reading rooms. The most important thing to consider, however, is what makes you comfortable. If you really like bright, red walls, then go for it. If you would rather have a sofa than a reading chair, so be it. The great thing about designing a reading room is that you get to decide for yourself what you want in it. Just make sure it will be your retreat from the distractions of the world.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

When you are decorating the interiors of your house, you might have some definite ideas about which type of design you would like. There are many interior design styles of decorating the interiors of a home, and what you choose would depend a great deal on your design sensibility and personality. A vivacious and romantic person might like something very Victorian and flamboyant. While a modern and edgy approach in interior decorating is more suitable for a person who loves clean lines and minimalistic classy designs.

When we talk about modern contemporary interior design, we immediately think of restrained application of color, minimalistic furniture and monochromatic color schemes. Although no doubt, modern contemporary design is all the above, there is lot more to it than that. Here we will give you some ideas on modern contemporary interior design that will help you to create a living space which is classic and timeless.

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

So what is modern contemporary interior design? Modern contemporary interior design can be defined as a completely new method of interior decoration that involves judicious use of colors, clean straight lines in furniture and of course, restrained use of decorative items. This type of interior design has often, though not always, symmetrical design elements that is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Materials that are eco-friendly like jute, jute mix, bamboo and cane are also used extensively in modern interior designs. Many people wrongly assume that in modern contemporary interior designs, the color palette of a room is stark and almost sterile with predominantly neutral shades. But that is far from the truth. Warm, earthy colors and even bright neon colors are used in small bursts to provide visual interest to the room.

Furniture used in decorating a modern and contemporary room is always very simple yet breathtaking in design. Overly ornate, Victorian or Edwardian furniture or even antique furniture is almost never used for modern contemporary interior design. Modern furniture with clean and straight lines with use of materials like steel and chrome interspersed with wood are highly effective. Upholstery selection, be it for furnishings like sofa covers or curtains and drapes are either in one color or in geometric patterns. Kitschy, small floral or busy prints are not used in modern contemporary interior design.

Ideas for Modern Contemporary Interior Design for Home

When you have decided to design and decorate your home in a contemporary design, you should have some good modern interior design ideas. For the bedroom, go with a monochromatic color room that will help to give the bedroom a spacious look. Black and white bedroom designs are ideal for a modern contemporary bedroom. bedroom. Furniture like bed and dresser should not be too large and the designs should be simple. A low wooden bed without any carvings or decorations is ideal for a contemporary bedroom. A headboard in some luxurious fabric like Jacquard or taffeta in jewel tones will give the bedroom an edgy and classy look. Make sure that you keep the bedroom uncluttered by not over decorating it with too many accessories. The dressers should only have a modern table lamp and one decorative artifact. Modern bedroom decorating ideas like a big abstract painting in vibrant colors of electric blue, crimson and yellow would also look very good.

Ideas for modern interior design for the living room should include contemporary living room furniture that is arranged in clusters. Sleek sideboards and coffee tables, center tables with steel moldings, modular sofas, contemporary lighting sources like floor lamps and abstract paintings are components that can give the decor a modern vibe. Sofas in pure and pristine white, which can be jazzed up with colorful cushions are also great modern living room interior design ideas. A suspended modern fireplace in the living room will not only keep you warm and cozy, but will also give the living room a dramatic appeal. Remember that the space should never look cluttered or small. Use of glass as well as mirrors, visually makes a room appear more spacious and airy which is what modern interior design is all about. Always remember that less is more while decorating the living room in modern and contemporary interior design style.